The Yugengo Ratings

Below we list the places in our travel tales, rated via our Colombo Matrix.

Antarctica (Ven) 10 The final continent. Untouched natural beauty. A place like no other.
New Zealand (Mon) 10 Tranquility, adventure, wildlife, geography and people. It has it all
Ravello(Neha) 9 Rustic retreat high above the Amalfi coast
Sardinia (Neha) 8.5 Beaches that rival the Caribbean, water that glistens.
Sichuan (Priya) 8.5 Diverse and picturesque. Gladly lost in translation in China’s rural beauty
Rwanda (Prem) 8.5 The best animals in the world. The best humans in the world.
Phuket (Bhav) 8
Gujarat (Neha) 7.7 Charmed by natural simplicity
 Vietnam (Prem) 7.5 Real culture and history. The heart of Southeast Asia.
 Zurich (Neha) 7.5  Silenced by serenity
Chatsworth House (Neha) 5.5 Rugged peaks and a stately beauty. A typically Great British day out

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