The Colombo Matrix

No prizes for guessing where this concept originated. Two authors and a friend were in this city when the Colombo Matrix was born. It is our best effort to rate cities or countries we have visited. It will become a regular feature of this site and for you, the reader, be an easy indicator if a place ticks the right boxes. Every travel tale that is told is accompanied at the bottom by a rating per the Colombo Matrix.

Keep an eye out for our favourite places ranked using the Colombo Matrix: The Yugengo Ratings.

Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Colombo Matrix Explained

Each place ends up with a total out of 10, made up of 5 equally-weighted categories:

Food    /2
This comprises not only quality, but additionally the range of options available to cater for all budgets. That is to say, a place with a limited number of very good but expensive options may not be ranked as highly as a place with a number of very decent quality and reasonably-priced cuisine. Then again it may, it depends how damn good that food is.

People    /2
This is more about the locals rather than that backpacker you met or that person you knew. You may have been looked after amazingly by a host, experienced the place off the beaten path thanks to some local knowledge, or been impressed with any facet of the inhabitants’ form and persona.

Ambience    /2
How a place feels. Are there too many people? Does it feel rushed? Does the grey cloud change the mood? Are the visuals in balance? Maybe they aren’t and that’s why it works. Can you feel the beat of the city?

Sights & Activities    /2
A good score is if it never occurs to you, “I should not have been here this long”, regardless of whether you have three days, three weeks or three months.

X-Factor    /2
The distinguishing factor, this place has it or it doesn’t. May not be tangible. Could be that you knew someone, could be anything else not covered above.


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